1. Tattoos are made only for adults or persons who are aged minimum of 17 years with the parental or legal carer consent (the consent must be signed personally in the studio by the parent / legal carer when making the reservation).

2. We agree prices in the studio individually. The valuation is based on the size of the tattoo and the time of making one. In the case of large tattoos, the price is agreed based on the number of all-day sessions devoted to their making.

3. Bookings can be made personally / online. After setting the date of the session, the client is obliged to pay a deposit (in person or by transfer to the account). The deposit is about 30% of the total tattoo price, the down payment is the price that covers the design and is included in the total cost of the tattoo. The payment of the deposit means the acceptance of the Regulations.

4. The booking is made only after the payment of deposit, or in the case of transfers, when the payment is credited to the account.

5. Deposit is non-refundable.

6. Designs are presented on the day of tattooing. If the design is not accepted by the client, any corrections are applied on the spot with the tattooist. If the client resigns from the design completely, we reserve the right to keep the deposit, which is the price for the time devoted to the preparation of the design.

7. Tattooists can refuse to make a tattoo without particular reason.

8. Customers' personal data is not processed or available to third parties.

9. The customer is obliged to settle the payment before or during the session. Payment must be made on the day of the session in cash in person in the studio.

10. A client who did not show up on the day of the reservation and did not inform the studio when booking another date, will be required to pay 100% price for the session, in advance.

11. A client who booked a whole-day session and during the session resigns because he cannot stand the pain, he/she is obliged to pay for the whole day. Resignation from the session due to the client ’s decision is bound with the cost of completing the tattoo again.

12. In the studio, it is strictly forbidden to touch objects used to making tattoos and auxiliary materials.

13. The studio ensures the sterility of the tools used for the treatment.

14. The studio is not responsible for non-obedience to the care rules during the healing process of the tattoo. Amendments resulting from the need to refining the tattoo after it has been healed are performed free of charge as part of the tattoo (1 amendment within 6 months after tattooing).

15. The studio provides all the information on the healing and care of the tattoo.

16. The studio does not perform treatments for people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances and intoxicants.

17. There is a strict non-smoking, non-alcohol or drug usage policy in the studio.

18. Only studio employees and booked clients have access to the room where tattoos/laser are made. It is not possible to be accompanied in the treatment room by children, friends, families, etc.

19. No animals are allowed in the studio.