How to care after your tattoo? You will be given all relevant instructions by your tattoo artist after completed session. Advice we give you is confirmed and effective, so it is important you will listen attentively and in case of any other questions seek the answers in a tattoo studio where you had your treatment. The most relevant period for the quality and durability of a tattoo is first week after treatment.

Wrapping the tattoo with foil. The foil placed by tattoo artist should be kept on skin for about 2-3 hours after completed tattoo treatment. It serves as a shield against damage to an irritated skin and also against plasma dirt and ink which comes out of a freshly-made tattoo onto clothes. It is also recommended to secure the tattooed skin with foil before night sleep and take it off in the morning, rinse the tattoo and rub it with Bepanthen or Easy Tattoo ointment. The foil is only used before sleep and under clothes to secure the tattooed skin.

The maximum period to use foil is 3 days/5 nights. Afterwards foil should not be even used under clothes.

Rinsing. After getting back home, the tattoo should be rinsed with warm water and gentle soap or intimate hygiene liquid. There are other formulas like Octenisept or Easy Cleaning, which are designed to care after fresh tattoo. After rinsing, the tattoo should be dried gently with a paper towel. The tattooed skin should not be scrubbed but only tapped with towel to remove water. The tattoo should be rinsed and rubbed with Bepanthen/Easy Tattoo/ Hustle Butter ointment, on average, every 2-3 hours. The activity can be repeated more often, according to needs - if we feel that the skin round the tattoo is too dry. The tattooed skin should be rubbed with the above listed formulas for 7 days, afterwards you can use a body balm.

What cannot be done during tattoo healing period? Avoid long, hot baths ( tattooed skin must remain dry), avoid swimming pool/ sauna/ gym, avoid exposing the tattoo to sun/ solarium, do not scratch the fresh tattoo!!! For the tattoo to maintain its colour, you should always cream the tattooed area with 50+ filter sun-protection cream before exposing to sun.